How we started

With the aim of setting a new standard for excellence and customer service in the building industry, Santi Philip established SJ Builders in 2011. The company gradually became involved in many projects from New Single family homes to Unit/Townhouse developments. In a couple of years, the company rose to the top as a reputed new home builder located in Melbourne.

Today, SJ Builders has built a trusted team of professionals and experts who strive to deliver unparalleled quality and craftsmanship. We ensure that our custom build homes have a balanced approach that explores all the possibilities within design and function to suit your needs. Our outstanding construction quality and ability to work along with our clients to achieve desirable plan layout and provide premium level finishes, sets SJ Builders apart from other home builders in Melbourne.

Our Profile

All About US

SJ Builder is a reputed and distinctive Custom Home Builder located in Melbourne with over 7 years of collective building experience. As a Registered Builder, SJ Builder has the credentials, certifications and track record of building outstanding quality homes, on time and on budget. We’ve compiled the best contractors, traders and building consultants, to produce the home of your dreams.

Our homes are built with the highest of standards – from foundations to finishing. We believe that your new home is our new home and never over look any details.


All About US

We understand that building your dream home is something very special and a huge investment. With respect to that it is our goal to build the finest, highest quality home which fits your budget with no hidden cost.

We strive to maintain the greatest quality standards at very competitive price, without compromising on work ethics. For a fixed price our inclusion list covers several significant features which set us apart from our competitors. Expert management from concept to completion by our professional team at SJ Builders will ensure a safe, easy and enjoyable experience.

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